Perfect uniform backlighting

Inventions, the perfect brand

How did we invent the uniform light?

Our illuminated device stands out among all our Patents. It allows to transport the perimeter light of the LEDs to the center of the corporate image, eliminating the flash of the Led points, and achieving a total uniformity throughout the Brand Image.


We discovered that we could direct the light towards the center of the image by machining a high-gloss transparent methacrylate of nanoparticles, with V-cuts of unequal width and depth distributed over the entire surface, so that it illuminated the entire surface equally.

In parallel, we invest in very precise screen printing machines, to be able to print the Brands with an unequalled resolution.


This combination resulted in the best lighting imaginable, not currently surpassed.


Our device is used by world’s leading brands, as it greatly enhances the visibility of its Brand.