Brugse Zot

When Maximilian arrives in Bruges in the spring of 1488 to suppress a revolt, the people from Bruges seize the prince. Once released, Maximiliano retaliates by banning parties and celebrations. To appease him, the people from Bruges organize a great celebration in his honor, with a great parade full of jesters and crazy-looking people. They then asked for his consent to celebrate festivities and to build a new asylum. What did Maximiliano answer them? “Close all the doors of Bruges, they already have a madhouse!”

Since then, the people from Bruges have been nicknamed “Witch madmen” (Brugse Zotten). It appears again and again throughout the history of this city. With the launch of the beer, the De Halve Maan brewery reminds the people from Bruges of its history with a wink.


From elinvento together with Hijos de Rivera, S.A.U. Hijos de Rivera, S.A.U. (distributor of the brand in Spain) we have made the latest draft beer towers for the emblematic Belgian beer, both The Dubbel Bruin and The Blond.