Applus International Certificate SGE900

We have obtained the International Reference Standard SGE900 of Expert Business Management.

It is the standard for Expert Management of Companies and Decision-making, recognized in all sectors of activity at international level. It is based on providing the development and continuous improvement of their qualifications, competitiveness, productivity and innovation to the professionals (directly or indirectly involved in the exercise or services in the field of Business Management and Decision-making) and their organisations.


Obtained through the evaluation of the process by which the auditors of the certification entity have examined compliance and conformity in the Business Critical Process Management System according to the requirements of the standard.


With the SGE 900 certification of Companies’ Expert Management and Decision-making, the Company has obtained a public recognition through an evaluation process carried out by an independent third party, which shows that it has the competencies, abilities and achievement criterio needed to measure, analyse, diagnose and decide on Business Critical Processes, and therefore it has the necessary knowledge and tools to be able to take the appropriate decisions and to direct or execute the processes of correction, prevention, control and improvement on them.