About us

We are a liquid company that adapts to the market quickly and efficiently, since its inception in 1989.

We are a liquid company that adapts to the market quickly and efficiently, since its inception in 1989.

With a growth in the last 10 years of more than 48% per year, both executives and workers also adopt this same liquid mentality, which allows us to adapt to the situations of change that occur over the decades and years, including the Economic Crises and recently the global pandemic of Covid-19.

Our numerous patents and inventions have strengthened our competitiveness in this sector.

Our reference in these years has been the concept Knowmad (Nomad knowledge), which is characterized by being innovative, imaginative, creative, capable to work in collaboration with almost anyone, anytime and anywhere.

We have dozens of collaborators within our orbit, and we nurture the creativity of all of them, in a very competitive time.

As an example, we have more than 20 collaborators in the areas of design and engineering, fields in which most of our competitors have a maximum of two (one in design and the other one in engineering), which allows us to create an environment in which it is difficult to fail. This allows us not to depend on the knowledge of a single person in different areas, so competitiveness rises exponentially.


Another strong and relevant point is not to have our own manufacture of a column of a certain material, we adapt to what the market demands at all times, using any imagined material.

Success stories such as the Estrella Damm or Martini column, to give an example, have been developed following this method.


In the few processes in which no one can provide us with the quality that our customers demand, and that we cannot derive (for example screen printing), we invest to produce it internally. In the case of digital processes, we prefer to work with the latest technologies on the market, always looking for the latest existing technology.


We have diverse suppliers in each of the components of each product, and in different parts of the planet. All these suppliers have been producing in different percentages in recent years, so they know how to manufacture the components perfectly.

This advantage of Global Enterprise makes us extremely competitive in prices and service terms.

Ignasi Ysac


The fortune of having suffered two economic ruins has taught us to learn from our failures, not from our successes.
And as my admired friend Alex Rovira would say: “He learned so much from his mistakes then when he stumbled, instead of falling, he flew.”